Réveille-toi, mon âme, réveillez-vous, mon luth et ma harpe! Je veux réveiller l’aurore.
    Je te louerai parmi les peuples, Seigneur, je te chanterai parmi les nations. (Psaumes 57:9-10)

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      Sustenance in the Storm

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      But I believe this story tells us something about the character of God. We can’t always understand why we must face difficult circumstances, but we can be sure that He will sustain us. He will nourish us.

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      My 2013 Favorites

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      A few of my favorites from 2013: Blog Most read blog post: To Women in Ministry Second place: This is Church Personal favorite: A Letter to my Twenty-Year-Old Self Most read on the AG Under 40 blog: Ministering Through the Valley of the Shadow Second Place: General Council: An Over [read more]

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      This One’s For You, Hero

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      This one’s for you, hero. You, who lovingly dust pianos and portraits of missionaries. You, who give of your afternoons or evenings sweeping carpet dusty from the feet of those who need Jesus. You, who move tables and chairs and find missing things. You, with the opportunity to lovingly touch [read more]

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      Joyce Day


      So as we approach the 17th of November, I want to honor her by filling her shoes, in a way. I want to be an encourager. I want to do little acts of kindness, not because I need to be appreciated, but just because it’s so stinkin’ fun.

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      A Letter to my Twenty-Year-Old Self.

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      I have always loved stories about time-travel. From Back to the Future to Ray Bradbury stories, there’s something about time-travel stories that makes us ask questions. What would you see? Where would you go? Who would you meet? And the biggest one…what would you change? Decade birthdays are kind of [read more]

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      I Don’t Have a Patchwork Heart.


      I don’t have a patchwork heart. Because the constructs of my heart are not dependent on man, or men, or circumstances of my life. The beating of my heart and the strength of its muscles are because I find myself in Christ.

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      Ministry Focuses

        House Church

        I believe that today’s young adults want more than another social setting to be a part of. We are craving authentic truth and a deeper knowledge of the Word.

        During my last two years in Paris, I hosted a young adult’s Bible study that drew about ten young adults each week – from students to professionals and everywhere in between. We prayed together about jobs, relationships, and families, and we shared our journeys together. The Bible study was one of the most successful life groups at the church, and was an avenue for four new people getting plugged in at The Bridge. (more…)

        Church Communications

        Over the last two years, I’ve had the privilege of doing design and marketing for The Bridge International Church in Paris. During that time, I have been reminded over and over of the importance of non-verbal communication of the Church! In our ministry context, we are faced with many different languages, as well as cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. It is of vital importance that we use every possible avenue to communicate the message we are sending! (more…)

        Worship Team Training

        During my first two years in France, I had the opportunity to work in a limited capacity with the European Worship Institute along with its founder, Jeff Slaughter. EWI seeks to resource and train worship teams and worship leaders across Europe.  (more…)

        Worship Events

        I believe strongly in the power of worship music to draw people into the presence of God. I believe it is a moment where the presence of God meets us where we are. We can justify behavior, we can make excuses, we can run and hide from God, but somehow when we worship, a holy confrontation happens. (more…)

        Worship Leading

        An important part of my work in Paris will be coordinating and leading the music for The Bridge International Church. I served in this role previously for two years and was able to recruit other musicians and build the worship team at The Bridge. (more…)