An Unanswerable Question


How do I convince young people in today’s church that the ultimate prize is not marriage but a life unwaveringly committed to the cause of Christ? I model it for them. I ask you to do the same – married or single. We open our hearts and our homes to one another as the family of Christ.

When Hosannas Turn Silent

Isaiah 55:12 graphic

I walked through the train station on Wednesday like I was in a fog. Everything seemed muted and fuzzy and I noticed an acute absence of that joy, that wild praise that had driven my steps earlier in the week. That bursting-with-love heart I had carried had been replaced with the sad bruised one. Even breathing hurt.

What is More? – A #GivingTuesday Guest Post

How much could we do for the kingdom of God if we just had more? That is what I was asking God. I needed more because I wanted to do more for the kingdom. I was asking for more money, really. I wanted to get out of debt, live with financial breathing room, and be able to give more back to God’s work. I asked for more.

Come Quickly, Lord Jesus – A Prayer

We ask you, come quickly, Lord Jesus. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, to speak to our hearts and fill us to overflowing with love for those we do not understand. May your Word fill our mouths like honey. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, to open our ears to hear the stories of the broken. Give us the […]

On Grief.

Some days she is there to remind me of favor and blessing. She sometimes slips in where I least expected her to remind me how very – lucky is not a strong enough word – lucky I am to have had something so wonderful, and it must have been quite wonderful to grieve it so strongly. Sometimes she holds my hand and won’t let me forget beautiful things.